Yanina Filipova L.Ac is a founder of Yanina Acupuncture Clinic. She graduated from one of the most prestigious school nationwide, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a Masters of Science degree in 2011. She is a licensed acupuncturist, a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, and a Board Certified Herbalist. She had an extensive training in NYU hospital concentrating on pain management for patients with autoimmune diseases. She has undergone training in acupuncture for labor and delivery in Lutheran hospital. Yanina has been treating people undergoing chemo or radiation therapy in “You Can Thrive: organization for cancer survivors. For the past 4 years she is a part of the team of Manhattan Medicine Office , a place which is happy to provide best pain management care for more than 40 years.

Yanina concentrates her practice mostly on pain management and emotional imbalances, Sports injuries, PMS syndrome,chronic headaches, rehabilitation, fibromyalgia and pain as a result of autoimmune diseases. Apathy, depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, anger and irritability, IBS , poor concentration having an emotional component in it often result in physical imbalances and Yanina believes by treating one you can get to another.

Yanina is certified in facial rejuvenation including facial massage and acupuncture. It also uses a protocol for Bell’s palsy and stroke rehabilitation. She uses elements of Tui Na and Shiatsu in her practice as well. Yanina is a big fan of  cupping, electrical stimulation and Gua Sha and she finds being very effective . She has previous training in psychology that brings her sessions to a different level.