Welcome to our page. We believe you are here for a reason. If you are looking to be healthy naturally you are in the right place. More and more people worldwide are turning to alternative ways of healing and natural ways to support your health and blossom, though we believe it should not be called “alternative” since preventative and natural  medicine has been used for centuries as a primary form of medicine. Now days people are rediscovering a power of holistic medicine. “Whole-istic” means seeing a person as a whole, concentrating and addressing emotional physical and spiritual aspects in one person with the same attention.

We can help you  relax, rejuvenate and restore your natural balance.We provide nutritional advices, spiritual guidance and classic Oriental Medicine treatments , including herbal consultations and prescriptions and acupuncture. Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most commonly used healing modalities in the world. It is an effective medical treatment that can balance hormones, improve fertility, ease pregnancy symptoms, stop pain, influence blood flow, improve digestion and relieve stress to say the least.

Discover your potential and find the source of happiness and health within your precious self.

I went to Yanina’s clinic  for a series of treatments.  Besides having an incredible bedside manner,  Yanina is also quite skillful.  I had very strong bronchitis, and after a course of antibiotics, the cough was still very strong.  After only a few sessions however, it completely disappeared!  I was also suffering from back and neck pain. Not enough stretching and too much sitting down . Yanina has helped me a lot with that. I used to see a chiropractor on a regular basis. Now I see  Yanina and I only need 1 session per month . She is a miracle worker.

Lena D.

No more back pain

I’ve been suffering from insomnia and indigestion for years. I have chronic hormonal imbalance and have been constantly changing my medications. Stress has been a background of my life.  I started regular acupuncture treatments and felt the difference right away. I slowly started sleeping better , feeling better and thinking clearer. At first the effect was lasting only for few days after the treatment but just  like Yanina said “it is a cumulative and slow effect”. I am feeling a huge difference having acupuncture every week and Yanina has been helping me out with my diet as well. Highly recommended!

Stan Ali

Acupuncture saved my life