Does Acupuncture hurt ?

Usually patients dont feel much on the insertion since acupuncture needles are super thin. The sensation you feel after a practitioner stimulates the needle is what is called “ qi” . It is like a little prick and may be felt like pressure, warmth , tingling or spreading sensation .

Are needles sterile?

YES! All needles are sterile and used only once and disposed right after.

What is a typical treatment like and how long it lasts?

The first session is always longer and lasts about one hour .It  consist of a conversation about all your systems ( i.e. respiratory, digestive, reproductive etc ) , thorough examination of your tounge and pulse , explaining you what we are going to be doing and why and a session itself that lasts 20 minutes on the table face up or face down. ( Please let us know if some position is uncomfortable to you. Treatment can be modified) You will be left alone with a pager under your hand which you can always press and call the acupuncturist should you need something .

The follow up treatments are usually a bit shorter ranging from 30-45 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?

It all depends on your condition , on a duration you have it , on a severity , age, life   style and many more factors. The practitioner will be able to tell you more precise on a day of your first visit.

Does Insurance cover Acupuncture?

Many insurances now days cover acupuncture. Though all the plans are different and they have to be verified. Please send us a picture of your insurance ( front and back) along with your date of birth and we will get back to you the next business day with the answer. You can send it directly here yaninaclinic@gmail.com